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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  July 21, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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4:30 a.m., friday, july 21. >> we're following breaking news, gunmen burst into a home killing a man in his wheelchair and injuring his caretaker. let's look on sky6 live hd, looking out over penns landing. it looks beautiful that's not how it feels. get ready for a scorcher, the dangerous heat wave continues through the weekend. >> karen is off, david murphy is here along with matt pellman. >> reporter: good sweaty days
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off? >> reporter: i did, did my walks in the morning and after that i stayed in the air-conditioning. this is an cheesive -- which hee heat warning making it feel like 100 and some 105. and everyone needs to be careful out there. satellite shows you there's no precipitation. we don't expect any today. muggy, 81 degrees in philadelphia. 71 in allentown. 72 in trenton. 80 in wilmington. 76 in cape may. as we go through the day it will be a hot one. 90 degrees by noon, 3:00 p.m., partly sunny, 94. a high of 95 around 4:00 p.m., by 7:00 p.m. still holding on to 92 degrees. we have an air quality issue, as we go through the, particularly, the afternoon hours and the early evening you want to be careful if you're in a risk
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category, especially young kids, seniors and those who several from heart aliments including asthmatics. we'll have the details on the rest of the week coming up you >> reporter: is the, it's sticky out there now, the crews have been hard at work overnight. eastbound last night, the schuylkill expressway they have the left lane blocked, just the right lane is getting by from gulph mills in toward gladwyn and belmont. no big delays, hopefully they are out of here in the next 15, 20, 30 minutes. we'll keep watching. on the vine street expressway, everything is blocked in both directions. same deal here until 5:00 p.m. we'll keep you posted. we're being invaded by bugs, appears columbus boulevard by race street, the crash
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cleared out. overnight construction in newtown square giving us restrictions and traffic stoppages along route 3 west chester pike near clover lane. i would avoid it to 5:00. work zones in montgomery county, portions of walton, plymouth and flourtown roads are blocked until 5:30 a.m. two robbers broke into a philadelphia home and shot and killed a man in a wheelchair. they chased down and shot his caretaker. this happened while children were inside the home. katherine scott is live at temple university hospital where the caretaker is being treated. katherine? >> reporter: matt, that's right a man in a wheelchair and caretaker shot. the caretaker survived taken to temple university hospital in stable condition. the man in the wheelchair 36 years old was pronounced on the scene.
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let's go to video tioga nicetown overnight. investigators were there gathering evidence on the 3300 block of north gratts street. police say a 36-year-old man in a wheelchair returned home with his 51-year-old caretaker. he was helping him up the stairs into the front door of the home when two males walked up, armed with guns forced open the front door. the 36-year-old man was struggling to keep the door closed. that's when a suspect opened fire hitting him in the head. when they were fleeing the scene they spotted the caretaker and chased him south on gratts. both man fired shots at him. he was hit in the leg. he is in the hospital in stable condition. the search continues for suspects. >> two males medium build one had a beard they were wearing dark colored black hooded
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sweatshirts. they were last seen running south on the 3300 block of gratts street. >> reporter: and there were other people at home at the time, upstairs a 61-year-old woman and four children raging in age from 4 to 15 years old. they were not hurt, they didn't see anything, but they heard the commotion and spoke to police. several witnesses were taken to the homicide division to be interviewed. the motive is under investigation live in north philadelphia. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." tam. >> developing this morning, crews are fighting a forest fire in burlington county. the blaze has already consumed more than a thousand acres chop chop capturing the flames at the base of the trees in the washington township section of wharton state forest. 50 firefighters and 1 trucks are battling the -- 13 trucks are battling the flames. the fire poses no threat to
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property or people. funeral services will be held for one of the victims of the bucks county killing spree. jimi patrick will be held at 9:00. he graduated from holy ghost prep with the suspect cosmo dinardo. he confessed to killing three others as well, this month. officials brought officers and horses and dogs back to the property where the bodies were found to scour the land to make sure they did not miss any evidence before returning the property to the family. a bucks county man is accused of ethnic intimidation and assault. christopher jones approached a man on tuesday and asked him his country of origin and told the victim to go back to his country before assaulting. the victim suffered a large
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laceration to his head and fractured neck. jeff sessions will visit philadelphia to discuss sanctuary cities with prosecutors. he singled out cities that has a policy for protecting criminals. sessions announced he has no plans to resign despite harsh criticism from president trump. in an interview published on wednesday, the president compressed his frustration after session' recusing himself over the russian investigation. >> i have the honor of serving as attorney general it is something that goes beyond any thought i would have ever had for myself. we love this job and love this department and i plan to continue to do so. >> a white house spokesman said sessions has the president's
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confidence, when he was asked by reporter,s president trump did not say so. this fall o.j. simpson will go free after nine years in jail that was the decision of the 30 roll -- parol board. there was no consideration in the murder of wife. >> i do vote to grant parol eligible. >> reporter: nine years behind bars and freedom in sight. he thanked the parol board after all four members voted in favor of his release. >> i am not a guy who lived a criminal life. >> reporter: asked about the vegas kidnapping and robbery that landed him behind bars, but
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at one point defensive. >> it was ruled by the state of california it was my property and given to me. >> everything he said happened 20 some years ago was irrelevant. >> i think he deserved nine years and longer. >> reporter: simpson's oldest daughter and his victim who made a plea on his behalf. >> he is a good man he made a mistake, if he called me tomorrow and said bruce i'm getting out, will you pick me up, juice i'll be here tomorrow. >> reporter: a tearful simpson sitting nearby and preparing for life on the outside. >> when o.j. simpson went to prison, smart phones didn't exist. the world is going to be watching the most famous parolee
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in america very closely. he earns $25,000 a month from his nfl pension. >> judges have made their choice on an interim d.a. your philadelphia. the court of common pleas hired kelly haas, the first african-american woman to hold the post. hodge served under lynn abraham in 2004. she is currently in private practice with the firm in bluebell. >> restore integrity in the office and faith of the community in the office and looking to the transition that will taipts in the next few months. >> voters will aelect a permanent d.a. in november. democrat larry krazner will face
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beth grossman. a pet parrot witness account leads to a murder conviction. >> reporter: we have another hot one in store for you today across the region. we're looking at temperatures in the 80s in spots and dewpoints in the 70s, that means it's oppressively humid. a heat warning in effect and the seven-day forecast hopefully finding relief that's coming up. >> a powerful earthquake sends a bar crashing down on tourist at a bar in the greek islands. video and pictures coming up.
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>> this story developing overnight arc powerful earthquake rattled turk and greece sparking panic and
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causing problems. at least two people were killed and hundreds more injured, new fatality reported in turk. >> look what we dragged out of the ice bag. >> reporter: i was here this week, and like i said a minute ago i was out early to get any work done or doing it late in the evening, because doing it in the middle of the day is no fun. we are dry this morning, as we look outside, we have sky6 live hd at the airport. starting to get warm across the region right now with a lot of the us in the low 80s and getting hot and sticky as we go in the morning and afternoon. 81 in philadelphia. the dewpoint well into the category of oppressively humid air with the dewpoint over 70. winds are light out of the west at 5 miles per hour. ocean temperature, 75 you can get relief there. dewpoints up over 70 across the region, the farther south you go into the darker shade of green
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and the higher numbers the more oppressive it feels. very sticky in the morning and in the afternoon. satellite and radar showing you there's a little cloud cover getting ready to mix with sunshine today doesn't look like we'll see shower activity or anything like that until tomorrow. 83 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 86 by 10:00 p.m. noon, 90 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 94. i expect a high of 5 at 4:00 p.m. before sliding back to 95 at 6:00 p.m. tonight. highs across the region, 92 in allentown. 92 in reading and trenton. mid 90s in philadelphia and wilmington. 93 in millville. if you're down the shore looks like you'll hold in the upper 80s, even there it's going to be uncomfortable humid and oppressive and look out for the hole sand. in terms of saturday we'll start out dry, looks like as we get into the afternoon and in particular we'll pop showers and gusty thunderstorms. you can see they are not
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everywhere all at once, but the model is showing you anywhere from 1 to 2:00 p.m. up to 5:00 p.m. and up to 11:00 p.m. at night you will have a strong gusty thunderstorm coming through. it subsides a bit overnight, but on sunday we have showers and thunderstorms around in the morning and sunday afternoon. we're looking at a decent chance of isolated or spotty strong thunderstorms anything that kicks up tomorrow will have the chance of producing damaging winds. we'll see about sunday that may be on the bumpy side. in the poconos, humid today, 85. less heat than we'll have in the immediate lehigh valley and delaware valleys. 81 degrees in the poconos, afternoon thunderstorm look out for that, sunday 80, clouds and more thunderstorms possible. at the shore, warm in the water, look out for rip currents, 89 today. hot and sultry, 87 on saturday an evening thunderstorm not out of the question.
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87 on sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today, 95 today, excessive heat. tomorrow, 93 strong thunderstorms possible. afternoon showers and thunderstorms on sunday that could feature strong gusty winds. 90 degrees is the high there. monday, we're still at 90. finally on tuesday, we ease back do 85. spotty thunderstorm monday and tuesday, we're looking dry on wednesday and thursday, highs in the 80s. elongated heat wave, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. >> look forward to the light. as the extreme heat continues use our mobile app to stay informed, the app is a free download for your mobile device. a pet parrot helped quick a michigan woman of murder. a jury found glennen durham guilty of killing her husband.
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the bird started repeating the victim's last words, don't shoot. she faces life in prison. a man was loading up the family subaru outside the hospital on tuesday morning went back in the hospital to grab a few things and when he returned to get to his car it was gone. he had all his construction tools and equipment, plus his baby daughter's new clothes. a man pulls off a dangerous and illegal stunt to catch a ride in chicago. the video is up next. worrying about your big... about the client dinner. you gonna wear? hannah.
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>> shows a man hitching a ride on top of a moving bus in chicago. the man climbed up the back of the bus and lit a cigarette and rode away without a care in the world. i think he has done this before. officials say the behavior was dangerous not just the person involved, but other passengers, as well. >> interesting choices. >> reporter: good morning to you, tam be good morning everybody. you're not going to make a choice for the vine street
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expressway, you'll not get on it. still blocked for overnight construction. crews will be pulling away in ten minutes. in plymouth meeting roadwork wrapping up on 476 blue route near the mid county tolls lanes blocked. further north near lansdale, southbound lanes blocked, northbound you're seeing slowing with speeds in the 40s coming away from plymouth meeting heading toward lansdale. we have a crash close to the rolling green apartments along swede road at evergreen road that's a good intersection to avoid. a leftover from last night. you know how i feel about leftovers, i don't like them. dennis township, route 9 shore road, near route 83. garden state parkway would be a better alternate. >> sometimes i like left overs
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better than the original meal. it like wine it needs to age a little bit. a new deal could bring new life for sears. they will begin selling ken more appliances on amazon. it can be sinked with with the voice assistant. join hands with amazon everything is fine. air france is launching a new airline to appeal to millennials. june will be a low cost carrier. it's a lifestyle brands and state of mind. flight attendants will sport more cucial uniforms. long hall flights will come next year -- more casual uniforms. nasdaq down, s&p 500 down. this morning futures point to a mixed open. mcdonald's has announced
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a themed clothing line that includes a big mac >> you have to like the fries. a woman goes into labor before her due date in mexico, now the family is fighting to bring the baby home for proper care. that's not the family dog. >> welcome back taking a live
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look by penns landing, we want to remind we're under an excessive heat warning until 8:00 p.m. tonight. that means if it is possible to stay inside we want you to do that. jen craft sent us a picture of a coyote wandering around her property yesterday. the animal stayed 45 minutes and left. the sighting came after coyotes were spotted in charlestown township. >> going into hyper drive, elon musk said he is prepared to
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build a super high speed hyper loop through philadelphia. see how close an out-of-control car came to smashing into a motorcyclist.
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5:00 a.m., friday, july 21. we start with breaking news. a possible home invasion turns deadly. a man in a wheelchair is shot to death as children slept nearby. imagine getting from new york city to washington, d.c. i


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